Real Estate Chatbot A Complete Guide by Freshchat

The renters usually face certain problems like insecure neighbourhood or when they have to move to their apartment really quick. There are high chances that the renters come across to slow agents who might take ages to find out a suitable apartment as per their budget and other preferences. All these is more applicable when the clients relocate to a new city. The landlords often have the tendencies to overcharge as well as deposit charges, when they are contacted directly. Unlike live transfers, 15 minute phone appointments actually solve the problem of limited agent availability and can help to increase conversion rates.

If you are new to ChatBot, you can make use of a free 14-day trial. Meet up with our Kommunicate chatbot aficionados to discuss and learn more about them. Chatbots can connect with your target audience in their native tongue, further personalizing their experience. Cem has been the principal analyst at AIMultiple since 2017.


When you’ve got these steps in place, your real estate chatbot will turn prospects from window shoppers to homeowners to evangelists for your business. A real estate chatbot can take over some of the repetitive task load and free you and your team up for important high-touch activities with clients. The AI chatbot assists with lead qualification and routing leads to team members based on the property address or neighborhood information the prospect provides. Roof AI’s virtual assistant is a fully interactive chatbot that helps you engage, convert, and pre-qualify leads at any time of the day on Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, and webchat. Homebot sends your past clients monthly reports that help them evaluate their home’s current value, their equity position, and their trade-up potential.

  • A substitute teacher told Brenda she couldn’t make the required income because if she did her disabled son would no longer qualify for his benefits.
  • They work exactly like the “press 1 for accounts, 2 for billing” phone trees, only allow leads to select certain questions to ask, and provide preprogrammed answers to those questions only.
  • Real estate chatbots are perfect for activating leads into homeowners or sellers.
  • When it came to specifics, we couldn’t say much, and specifics, it turns out, were what people cared about the most.
  • These are text responders built using very complicated code that tries to improve over time.
  • People are always thinking about homes, therefore it is crucial to always be available.

61 proven lead gen ideas from coaches & top-producing agents. 61 proven lead gen ideas from coaches & top-producing agents to help you close more deals. The psychology of why people decide to reach out to you from your website is dead simple. They want to know if you might be a good fit for their transaction in the future. However, there is an entire industry called CRO (click-through rate optimization) that studies and tests ways to increase the likelihood of a site visitor reaching out to you.

#3. Best Real Estate Chatbot: ReadyChat

A real estate chatbot can support numerous channels depending on your chatbot partner company. Engati chatbots can be deployed on 14 major channels which include WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Real Estate Chatbots Telegram,Slack, Kik, Viber, Skype and more. Chatbots have a one view inbox or omnichannel feature that allows agents to keep track of all conversations with customers and prospects.

Real Estate Chatbots

In case the chatbot cannot answer a particular question, it will easily direct the query to a customer service or sales representative that can quickly assist them. Every time a visitor has a conversation with a chatbot, it will be collecting important information. A Chatbot has the ability to create a potential client or lead while collecting information for the database of the real estate agent. Real estate chatbots are a great tool that you can utilize for a successful real estate business.

Automate your customer journey with powerful AI chatbot

Having your own real estate ISA is a big goal for many teams. We’ve found time and time again that text messaging is the best where to get a first response from your leads. We firmly believe in leveraging software whenever it makes sense. Technology can be the key to creating seamless systems and maximizing efficiency for most businesses when done correctly.

  • Apartment hunters are looking for the best bargains and researching locations to live that fit their lifestyle.
  • Your bot will turn itself back on after 10 minutes of inactivity in the conversation.
  • With the help of this free chatbot template, you can showcase your property information in an interactive and personalized manner.
  • Real estate chatbots can be programmed to search within agents’ calendars and provide customers with available days and slots for them to choose.
  • The bots will simply help the clients to inform the users with the various investment options, searches on various properties, open houses, housing prices and many other tasks.
  • That is responding to specific questions the lead mentions.

Let’s be perfectly clear, 9 out of 10 real estate ISA companies that offer AI ISAs are hoping you’re too dumb to know what AI is. Let’s establish the difference between the major types of “robots” in the real estate ISA world. But not every new technology leads to the revenue growth though. Some tools turn out to be more fluff than substance, like a shiny new toy. Customer support, community management, business workflows, we are here to help you make the most of your time.

Why do you need a real estate chatbot?

I know you’d never call your clients stupid but think about your experience with chatbots. By using so-called AI you’re insulting your client’s intelligence. First impressions matter so even if you chose to only implement chatbots at the beginning of your sales process, it would still create a very sterile brand. We know these technologies fall short because so many of our clients come to us for our human real estate ISAs after being burned by these fake robot ISA companies. The 3 major types of fake ISAs are Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) ISAs, and Auto-Responders and they all do pretty much the same thing….not convert real estate leads. Real estate content marketing is one of the best ways to build up your business without having to spend a ton of money on ads.

  • Chatbots work at the grassroot level, by interacting with each potential lead in a personalized manner save the collected information to a database.
  • Instead of holding the line for many minutes, it might speed up the procedure.
  • Your live chat will provide more information regarding the individuals looking to buy and sell in your local market.
  • And as we saw in our article on increasing appointment show-up rates a small increase in conversion rates can have a massive impact on your bottom line.
  • Chatbots are generally good for taking users through a step by step process and answering questions about the process as they arise.
  • When potential clients are too busy to see the property in person, chatbots for real estate can offer interested people a quick virtual tour with a video or images.

And if you are interested in investing in an off-the-shelf chatbot or voice bot solution, don’t hesitate to check out our data-driven lists of vendors for chatbots and voice bots. Users can check with chatbots to see if they qualify for a mortgage, ask for tips to qualify, and apply for a mortgage via the chatbot . Real estate agencies can connect their chatbots with partner banks or lending institutions to directly notify them about their financing options. Texting people after initial contact leads to higher levels of engagement. For example, it is claimed that engagement can be as high as 113% due to follow up texts. Real estate chatbots are perfect for activating leads into homeowners or sellers.

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